The basement?  What about the garage?  The stories of some rather well-known companies speak to the lore of the garage startup – Apple and Amazon come to mind.    But the basement?  I don’t know if Ewing Marion Kauffman had a garage, but he did have a basement.  He served in the Navy in World War II, and after leaving the Navy he became a pharmaceutical salesman.  In 1950 he formed Marion Laboratories with a $5,000 investment.  In his basement.

In 1989, Marion laboratories merged with Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals to form Marion Merrell Dow.  In the year prior to the merger Marion Laboratories had revenues of $930 million.  The Kauffman Foundation was born.

From the basement to the C-Suite.  The entrepreneurial spirit that drove Ewing Marion Kauffman to the C-Suite created a major American foundation dedicated to entrepreneurship and education.  There is no limit to what the entrepreneurial spirit can do.

Who needs a garage?

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