Is nothing sacred anymore?  In a lab at Columbia University in New York graduate engineers are developing ways to laser print pizzas and cook them with laser beams.  The whole idea behind this desecration of the noble pizza is to be able to create a pizza that can improve nutrition.  The 3D printer has an array of cartridges in which ingredients can be loaded.  So for example the printer can lay down the dough, then another cartridge lays down the tomato and another lays down the cheese.  Then it is put into a specially-developed oven and baked with laser beams.  Makes for more even baking they say.

So the thinking goes that you could customize the material in the cartridge, say maybe the cheese, with certain additives or medicines that might be used in a hospital setting for example where people may have certain nutritional deficiencies.  Why not?  Meatless burgers are here to stay with all the societal benefits attendant.  Why not 3D pizzas?  New technologies already here and being regularly developed  and are creating opportunities currently undreamed of for startups to create whole new businesses developing products for the betterment of mankind or just consumers’ lives.  Such as pizzas.  Digitized food to help people stay healthy.  Bon appetit.


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