AI is seeping into more and more things, including your Big Mac.  McDonald’s just paid over $300 million for Dynamic Yield, an Israeli company that provides retailers with algorithmically-driven “decision logic” technology.  Bite down on that one.  McDonald’s has a lot of data on their customers and their buying habits.  Every day McDonald’s serves around 68 million customers.  That’s over 2 billion customer touches a year.  The majority of those customers stay in their cars.

Over the last several years displays at McDonald’s – both inside and outside have gone digital and are continuing to do so.  Just suppose someone drives up to the menu and orders two Happy Meals at 5 o’clock.  That’s probably a parent ordering for their kids.  The menu might then highlight a coffee or snack for the parent who might decide to treat themselves to a pick-me-up.  You can see the possibilities generated by AI using customer buying history.

Some other things that AI can do are improve your customer service, or gain customer insight and product behavior.  You could also get better results from your marketing.  Way too much to go into here, but be sure that you will be seeing more.

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