That’s the famous sound of a Harley Davidson at idle – iconic, known world-wide.  Screeeeeeech!  That’s the sound of the new Harley LiveWire electric motorcycle.  It sounds very much like a Skilsaw cutting through a piece of wood.  Why?  Is nothing sacred?  The primary reason is that Harley’s longtime customer base – Boomers, are having more and more trouble getting on and off their bikes, so a lot of used Harleys are beginning to show up in the market.  Another factor is that today’s younger, urban and female riders are looking for smaller lighter bikes.  So here you have a 115 year-old company needing to pivot or continue losing market share.  Startups are not the only ones that sometimes need to pivot. 

So Harley’s answer, introduced in 2018 was the LiveWire, carrying a hefty price tag of $30,000.  The potatoes are fading.  The screech is coming.  Companies of every kind and description can get complacent.  One of the best all-time examples is the railroad passenger industry.  At the beginning of the 20th century almost all passenger traffic was by rail whereas by the year 2000 almost all passengers were going by car or plane.  The railroads believed that nothing could replace passenger rail.  They were complacent.

They didn’t pivot.

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