A Startup Idea
December 4th, 2018

How about a can opener?  Someone’s first reaction might be “Can openers are so yesterday!”  But there

The article centered around problems that companies like StarKist, Bumble Bee Foods and Chicken of the Sea are having with declining sales of canned tuna.  One reason, among many, is the ever-increasing American focus on convenience.  A can of tuna has to be opened, drained (cats can smell it from the opposite end of the house and can suddenly materialize in the kitchen before the can is half drained), and then utensils and dishes to eat or mix the tuna have to be gathered.  Waaaayyyyyyy too many steps in today’s convenience-oriented world.  The companies are now starting to take various steps to make eating tuna more convenient.

The lesson here is to pay attention to the world around you.  Things are always changing in the economy, sometimes almost imperceptibly, that can create new opportunities for entrepreneurs.  Even in something like your social media feeds you may begin to sense something being mentioned more frequently – positively or negatively.  Maybe there is an opportunity there for a new business.  Maybe you can invent the next can opener. was a recent headline in the Wall Street Journal that said “The Trouble With Tuna: A Lot of Millennials Don’t Even Own a Can Opener.”  My first reaction was a chuckle.  But as I read on in that article a lesson began to dawn on me.  This is not a criticism of Millennials.  It is about change and opportunity, and the Millennial generation is moving into place to lead it. 

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